Get Out of Your SHIT!

Ahil Prasanth
4 min readJan 4, 2020


I have been searching for few words in my dictionary since I joined Madras School of Social Work to describe the way I feel. I could not find myself being in situations like stress, depression, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts. I have a serious doubt about me, if I am a machine with producing results and not complaining about situations; or a stupid human with lot of emotions and always finding reasons to complain? If people think I am a machine, I am happy about it because it establishes the fact that I am producing results. Basically, there will be two possible situations for humans to compare themselves with others. One is when you are down, you compare yourself with people above you and the other is when you are high, you compare yourself with people below you.

Producing results is an art and many of us aren’t the Picasso of it yet. Situations are not same for all, but humans can use it in more positive way. And guess what? That is why we have the special 6th sense. People will investigate results, but not the process. To explain it better, relatives usually ask your board marks but not how you did the exams. You might have copied from other or from books during exams, but at the end, result matters. I am giving a set of instructions for fellow humans to get out of this so called SHIT.

Feeling stuck is merely a self-inflicted injury. It is natural that you have pity on you or you enjoy the pity shown on you by others. It’s just that, you take it for granted, that you have lost many opportunities to reinvent yourself. Just forget that you are stuck, so there is no reinventing. You are what you were yesterday. The only change would be that, yesterday you were in a cool place and now you have came out into the sun. Well, here are few things I would like to say to the world based on what I have gone through–

1. Take 20 days of leave from what you are doing now and relax. Remember, being idle is not easy.

2. Change the pattern of thinking. Think about a purpose in whatever you see, and you do. We tend to love a spicy biryani from a local shop, than any healthy food prepared by our mom. But, hey!! Ultimately, the shop wants to sell biryani to you and your mom wants you to be healthy.

3. Ask yourself what your life ambition was — just 10 years earlier. People do these two things while setting their ambition or goal while growing up. One is getting the first mark and obviously, the other is to settle in life. I somehow believe that these two things are the points were we start pushing ourselves to work on what the world expects of us.

4. Write a mail to yourself about how you are feeling and just express your emotions in words.

5. Get up in the early morning (before you see any other human on the road). Whenever I am thinking of starting an own business; yoga classes, gym and meditation classes will hit me hard. It is because people need these things now, but they don’t do it by themselves.

6. Read some good motivational books or old detective novels. Funnily enough, after reading the book “How I braved Anu aunty and founded a million-dollar company” by Varun Agarwal, I thought I am going to be the next Agarwal for the whole night. Although stupid, trust me, it gives you some virtual energy and direction to move forward.

7. Take YouTube as your mentor. Learn some new skills by watching videos and doing it on your own. Website designing being one of the growing markets for tech savvies; it is also true that anyone can design a website just by going through hosting videos in YouTube.

8. Try connecting with new people. I always recommend people to go to new restaurants to have some nice food and if possible new board games.

PS: Ensure that the restaurant doesn’t have clock a there. Trust me, this helps.

9. Life has become so obsessed over looking at how others spend their time and explaining them how to live their life. So, I would recommend you all to get on your toes and explore what your life is all about and live it to the fullest. One way of doing this, would be to spend more time on LinkedIn and Quora that will definitely help you grow.

10. Add one more paragraph in the previous mail you sent to yourself, about how much time do you spend on social media per day. Write another mail to the same email and compare your mails. Keep mailing yourself and reply to every mail you have sent to yourself.

After a point, you will say “OH Shittttt!!”