A Good Leader & A Stupid Boss

Ahil Prasanth
4 min readJan 12, 2020

Do you think all the bosses are good leaders?

Nope!! It’s not. Initially, I had the same doubt, but 30 days of my internship gave me a clear picture of it. But how did I find the answer? Let’s go back in time.

On my first day, as I entered the factory, a person with a clean shave, coated black hair called me and asked “Hey, who are you? Where is your I’d card? What are you doing here? I started, “Myself Ahil” and he suddenly walked off with his phone by saying “I will see you later”. Every HR department has its conference hall, but I don’t know about its purpose and I finally settled there. Another man placed his files on the table and went off. I just lost myself and I was like “Who are they?” After some time the same person came and sat next to me and said “I think you received a visitor I’d card in the gate. Wear that. People will ask for I’d here. My boss informed me of you earlier, but I forgot your name.”. Then I said to myself “Thank God, finally, I found someone sensible”. After a couple of discussions, he said “I am sorry that I couldn’t accompany you from the gate. I was told about a meeting in the morning, but my boss had to attend a few calls. By the way, I am Prasanth, working here as an HR executive. I will be assisting you for the next 30 days, but you will be reporting to the manager about your works”. Now you can see who’s good and who’s absurd.

I was instructed to attend a meeting with the safety officer to know about the factory conditions. He seemed to be a nice person, so I told him about the morning incident. And I asked him “Whom should I approach to gain new knowledge? Even though my boss has around 20 years of experience, he is busy all the time and Prasanth joined only 3 years before.” He said, “Let me tell you some qualities of a good leader, from whom you can learn things.”

The session started.

Some people will give instructions, and some will coach you to work. It is difficult to find a good coach here because everyone has their own KPI’s and KRAs.

You can see two types of emotions here. One will be fear, and another will be enthusiasm. Everyone has a different way of handling people and creating feelings. Enthusiasm encourages creativity, commitment in people but fear completes the work as performed earlier.

Whenever a person starts his conversation from ‘We’ rather than ‘I’ in a meeting or some public place or during individual sessions, you can spend time with him. He values you and your work as well. The role of HR not only ends with the effective use of human resources in the organization but also cares more about the human relations.

People have a common mindset of blaming others for any breakdowns. If no one is available at that moment to accuse, then they will blame even materials and time. Few people care about giving solutions to problems. If you find them anywhere here, you will learn about problem-solving techniques.

People here work for two reasons. One is to get a promotion, high pay and for status quo. You can also find people who are work for a purpose. These people will develop you in the process rather than just using you to finish their task.

You have seen several typical Tamil movies where you can find that villains are taking credits for good things done by heroes at the end. You might feel sad about that hero at that moment. What if it happens to you? Only a few people pat on your back to keep you on the track. You have to find such people.

He asked me to decide my mentor by having these guidelines in mind. I asked the safety officer whether he was informed about me earlier itself. He replied with strong ‘No’ and asked me why? I didn’t reply to him after that, and I connected myself to that old conversation and understood the real intent of Prasanth. I still had little confusion in my mind, but I partially chose Prasanth as my mentor. Suddenly a voice came “Hey Prasanth, you are my wasting time. I asked you to come and meet me yesterday morning. Where were you? I don’t have much time today. Come to my desk immediately!”

Then I confirmed my mentor!

Now, it’s your turn!!